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DJ Dominik – Mixed-Up Mondays, Global Groove 100.7FM Toronto

Download Side A – 30:43, 70.3 MB

Download Side B – 32:09, 73.6 MB

320kbps, 44.1kHz stereo


I taped this off the radio one night (CHIN 100.7FM Toronto) during the peak of exposure of electronic music, back when you were guaranteed some sort of reputable techno or cousin thereof on the airwaves at any time of day.  No fun story to share about this tape.  DJ Dominik was one of the members of the Canadian Hardcore Collective;  a group of Torontonian DJs who hosted hardcore techno radio shows.  I’d always figured Toronto Hardcore Collective would have had a more impactful acronym but what do I know.

Dominik is unquestionably a well-respected DJ due to his music, his abrupt juggles and cuts, and especially his musical tastes, specializing in Dutch-style hardcore and gabber.  His style has always been very well defined – very Dominik – and no one else in the city had the records this guy had.  This mix is a perfect example of what one could expect from the man at a party or club.  That is, if he showed up.

I swear, I went out of my way to score tickets to perhaps 6 parties Dominik was booked at, and he showed up for the gig maybe once.  I’ve also got a 4-tape continuous recording of a flustered DJ Frisky who was supposed to do a tag-team show with Dominik but he never showed up, leaving the poor chap with 6 hours of airtime and 3 hours of records.  Other times I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find him spinning to an empty room, unannounced, at some club or event, leaving plenty of space for me to hop around to his bouncy basslines.

Dominik has played for crowds all over the world so perhaps his fairweather reputation doesn’t leave the city, but it’s the second trait that comes to mind after his outstanding skills.  Regardless, don’t let my jaded, fuzzy recollection of trifling nightlife politics muddy your opinion of this mix.  His transitions and beatmatching are terrific, he plays many gems most hardcore heads have never heard, and what you hear here is consistent with what you can expect when you see the man live.  Dominik is one of Toronto’s most admired and accomplished DJs and one of the true founders of our rave scene.

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  1. Jules August 5, 2010 @ 1:50 pm

    Yo! This is tripping me out a bit. Dominik. I too taped one of these Monday night shows with Dominik and Grimace and wore the tape out! Thanks for putting all these up… what a nostalgic day I’m having. Your commentary around each tape is superb.

  2. Sam May 21, 2012 @ 2:30 pm

    This guys is one of the truest legends of hardcore! The party’s i was at were he spun we the best ever!

  3. dominik January 28, 2013 @ 9:56 pm

    what up!
    i thank you for all the kind words, but i feel the need to clear something up …. i showed up to ALL my gigs …. ALL OF THEM. i did get some early time slots, and was missed by some stuck outside, but i always showed up ^_^
    thanks in advance … gonna check out the download (great memories)

  4. Dan Barcza March 3, 2014 @ 12:55 am

    Back in the day during those Destiny Friday parties. The bass from DJ Dominik’s sets opened my eyes to hardcore. Some of the best memories of my youth were rushing out to his sets. I’m a harcore DJ. I don’t remember the party anymore, but Lenny Dee came into town and did a set with Dominik and I used to really like Lenny Dees tracks, but on the turn tables Dominik blew him away. I went to raves and electronica clubs from the early nineties to the earl 2000’s and my favorite set of all time was Dominik at Not The End. Thank you Dominik for the awesome times.

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