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What is a mixtape? It’s an hour or so of a person’s life recorded for posterity. This single hour is multiplied by each copy of the tape, and is multiplied again each time someone listens to it. We listen to this compilation while we live our lives and it becomes an essential part of our life’s soundtrack. I can hardly imagine an hour’s effort being more significant than that!

What is mixtape culture? Simply put, mixtape culture is a subset of people who enjoy compiling the things they love into a portable package and giving it away freely, or selling it cheaply for promotional purposes. Before the internet became widespread mixtapes were given to friends who made copies for friends who made copies of the copies. Quality degraded with every iteration but the love of the music and sharing was enough for this culture to flourish.

As practical and wonderful as the internet has become, the ease of self-publication has nearly caused the extinction of the face-to-face mixtape hand-off. This is both a blessing and a curse because although the internet enables proliferation on a mass scale, it forgoes the simple joy of placing something important into the hands of a friend.

It is in this spirit that I’ve decided to make much of my techno mixtape collection freely available. I hope you will download and enjoy many mixes, and invite your friends to do the same.