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Most of the audio content hosted on this website is not created by me. This content was available for sale for a very limited time in very limited circles. It can no longer be purchased and can no longer make money for the original artists.

I offer these mixtapes free of charge to the general public without discrimination. I pay for this website out of my own pocket. I have no intention to profit from the work of others. I do not accept donations, I do not sell hard copies, and I do not display advertisements. I credit artists however I can and will gladly link to their current websites if applicable.

If you are the original artist of any content I offer on this website you are welcome to contact me. If you wish me to remove this content and can prove that you are the owner of the content then I will do so without hesitation. Please understand that these are low quality audio tape rips and are of little use other than personal enjoyment, so I hope you will reflect my good will by supporting my generosity.