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Beste mensen (best people)

This is an unbelievable collection of primarily oldskool hardcore techno mixtapes along with some other genres like trance, tribal, and techno. Most of the mixes are by Dutch DJs though many other global greats can be found (like Marusha from Germany and Carl Cox and Rob Gee from America). The mixes are served by a file hosting company which may or may not be fly-by-night, so get ’em while they’re hot!

Fun in the Murky Toronto mixtape archive

Trevor Wilkes generously hosts many prominent tapes from Toronto’s rich rave history. Trevor is just a bit more old skool that I am so his collection does a lovely job of complementing mine – something I’m very appreciative of. Amongst global greats like Juan Atkins, Terry Mullin, and Joey Beltram are some local personalities of old such as Peter “The Greek” Ivals, Chris “Dogwhistle” Sheppard, and John E. I have every intention of mooching this website dry, and so should you!

Dragonminded Music

I found Dragonminded’s website while looking for Nintendo DS homebrew apps and was very pleased to find a very meticulous repository of mostly trance mixes, many replete with tracklistings and album art. The only payment he asks is that you download no more than a couple at a time. What a guy! If you like epic and vocal trance this website is a goldmine!

Internet Rave Archive

The administrator of this fairly large, free archive emailed me to praise me for my efforts! That’s like Mt. Fuji giving mad props to speed bump! There are some real treasures on this site including many mixes by my favourite DJs and producers like Josh Wink, Hardfloor, and Misstress Barbara, as well as many other mostly American DJs, many of which are new to me. A pretty huge collection of flyers and zines rounds out this thorough library so be sure to check this site out! All this painstakingly preserved content will keep you busy for weeks on end!


A very impressive and diverse collection of mixes and media, mostly related to the L.A. scene of the late 80’s and early 90’s. This was one of the primordeal boiling points of North American rave and simfonik does an astounding job of cataloguing life in the thick of it all. Big props to this avid collector.

Toronto Rave Mixtape Archive

Collector Wayne Howard has a real gem of an archive of some old and middle school Toronto mixes. He also presents some videos shot at mid-90s parties. The world’s best DJs have all played here in Toronto at some point, and some very choice names are available for download here like Ray Keith, DJ Dan, Phantasy, and Druid. Many locals are available as well like Dogwhistle, Peter the Greek Ivals, and Ruffneck. It’s like a core sample of my heart in website form.

Oldskool Mixtape Archive

You gotta love it when one of the comments on your own blog leads to a plethora of brand new content to surf through. This anonymous commentor left some helpful information about one of my tape rips and provided links to his blog for reference. I highly recommend checking this one out as it’s got tons of great jungle and hardcore content!

DJ SOS/P4L4DiN Mixtape and Video Archives

Ginormous respect to DJ SOS for sharing this link with live and studio mixtapes of his DJ sets, mostly trance and hardcore. There’s also some video recordings of sets, news appearances, and more. Rumour has it he once wore a mouse costume and appeared on Toronto’s Electric Circus show, snarkily implying that it’s cheesy!