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Adam Beyer – Live at Fuse Club, Brussels, Belgium

Download Full CD – 59:49, 109 MB

256kbps, 44.1kHz stereo


I picked this CD up from Numb on Queen West in Toronto a few years back. I recall asking for some “good techno” and this was pretty much the only disc they had. The store used to have a pretty voluminous collection of mix sets for sale but it’s been in decline these past few years (probably since DJs are turning to the Internet for marketing). Regardless, I’d heard some Adam Beyer tracks and I dug his psychedelic techno style so I was curious to see what his turntables had to say.

Truthfully, I find this mix to be kind of a snore. It’s a solid minimal techno affair with little variation and only subtle progressions. Transitions are competent and often transparent which is a plus with minimal techno but a minus in variety. Were I there in Brussels watching him mix I’d be anxious to hear what track he had planned next, waiting to explode into dance, but upon hearing it would remain impatiently shuffling.

This mix is labelled Part 1, of parts unknown, but I had little motivation to seek out the next volume. Fans of Beyer’s productions will likely be disappointed by this very sobering performance. In the bakery of Beyer this mix is stale Melba Toast.

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