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Gulembo – The Best of The Cave

Download Full CD – 63:33, 128MB

320kbps, 44.1kHz stereo


I worship this DJ but have never seen him and can’t find anything out about him.  That’s all based on this one disc.

I bought this CD on a stopover in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  On a street where the road and every wall were ornamented with beautiful hexagonal geometric tiles I walked into an unassuming little music shop.  A very strong-willed, bubbly, really cute clerk asked if she could help me, and I asked for a local techno or electronic mix by a DJ from the city.  Her eyes pierced like stilettos of sunshine.  She gave me this incredible smirk and sang/said “ahhh you like dance music, eh?”.  She danced over to the dance section.

“He’s the local hero.”

I’ll never forget those few short hours in San Juan.  Breathtaking city of wonder and warmth, and thankfully I’ve got this CD as a keepsake.

What a surprise it was that such a cold, techy d&b mix would be a memento of this radiant city.  This is a fistpumping genre rife with repetitive chug but Gulembo selects nothing but gems.  The complex syncopations and percussive variations of his tracks are attention-keeping and will toy with your anticipations.  The levels and mixing are pristine and the transitions are magically seamless.  This is a true professional at work, have no doubt.

Anyone with info or memories of this gentleman, please share!

Enjoy the mix.  This one goes out to San Juan.  I’ll come back for my heart some day.

And check out this Mystical Influence mix for intelligent drum and bass with a bit of Toronto flavour.

  1. J. Magik – The Lizard
  2. Konflict (Kamal & Rob Data) – My Personal Blackmail
  3. Universal Project & Usual Suspect – The Craft
  4. Dylan & Loxy – End of Days
  5. Digital – Deadline
  6. Q Project – Champion Sound (Total Science RMX)
  7. EZ Rollers – RS 2000
  8. Dillinja – Nasty Ways
  9. Dom & Roland – Terrorist
  10. Roni Size  Play the Game
  11. Moving Fusion & Andy C – Foul Mouth
  12. Andy C – Titan
  13. State of Play – Searching
  14. Matrix & Fierce – Tightrope
  15. Matrix – Apache
  16. Dat Side – Sober
  17. Bad Company – Night Train
  18. Ed Rush & Optical – Flight Path

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  1. Gulembo January 15, 2013 @ 7:22 pm

    Im dj gulembo from puerto rico , please contact me 🙂

  2. DJ Jose (AA27) May 11, 2013 @ 12:35 am

    One of the greatest in Drum and Bass. BTW I love your page! Thanks!

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