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Mark E.G. – Summer Tour 1999 (Samagon Records)

Download Side A – 48:57, 89.6 MB

Download Side B – 48:16, 88.3 MB

256kbps, 44.1kHz stereo



This is a very clean studio mix of the world famous British techno DJ Mark E.G. The first half features Mark’s characteristically relentless hard banging techno style, while the second half cools down a bit with some wavy synth trance.

This is a really well arranged mix with some very tight beat matching. Where this mix fails in diversity it succeeds doubly in its energy and its insistance to suck the listener inside. As I listen to the mix once more I find that as soon as I’m done (thoroughly) identifying all the intricacies of one song I’m pleased to hear the next one being mixed in seamlessly.

I loved this tape when I was younger but I’m not so enthused about it anymore. It’s rather monotonous and only a couple of songs stand out (particularly the Jim Morrison sampled track at the end of side A – Acen fans will smirk knowingly at this one) . I really wish the entire tape or at least three quarters was techno as I find the trance selections to be excessively repetitive and rather lifeless and without the heart and soul of good trance. Alternating between hard techno and this minimal trance might have shuffled things up a little more effectively as well, I feel.

What’s missing from this mix more than most is the live experience. I’ve seen Mark E.G. spin a few times and he really knows how to work the crowd. This guy is nuts. I had the great privilege of standing beside him for an entire set in ’99 or ’00 and I was glad to be standing at his side since, A, it’s awesome watching him twiddle knobs like mad and cut into a record he slapped on the deck mere seconds ago, and B, because he had a box of water bottles at his feet and every now and then he’d open one up and throw it into the crowd! He also smashed a few records over his head, and when I saw him at WEMF he actually trashed his 1200s at the end of his set, smashing them on the stage to uproarious applause.

Mark E.G. is the very definition of intensity. He’s always bopping and dancing around, headbanging much more than nodding, and loves to climb up onto the table to scream obscenities at the audience while flipping them off with both hands. He’s rather punky as well with short dreadlocks that quiver with the bass and plenty of facial piercings. His energy is not aggressive though – his demeanour is obviously celebratory like a professional hedonist, and the crowd identifies with it easily and absolutely eats this up. Mark E.G. and his music are one and the same – two facets of that same youthful exuberance we revel in when we dance like no one’s watching.

Mark E.G. “gets it”, and I hope you will too as you enjoy this mix.

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